10 Most Important Ancient Roman Weapons and Armor

roman weapons

When analyzing history’s most formidable fighting forces, ancient Rome’s legions stand prominent amongst the ranks. Their sophisticated tactics and technology helped propel the Roman army from humble origins to a sprawling empire spanning three continents. At the core of their dominance lay an arsenal of refined weaponry and armor engineered for maximum lethality on the … Read more

10 Largest and Most Powerful Military Forces in Ancient and Modern History

brute force historys largest armies

Which military force throughout history stands above the rest as the most powerful ever assembled? This is a question that historians, scholars and armchair generals have debated for centuries. While it’s impossible to definitively declare one as superior to all others, an examination of the largest forces provides important context on the military might of … Read more

The Ten Worst Generals of World War II

the worst world war ii generals

War is hell, and having an incompetent commander can make it a living nightmare. Throughout history, the fates of battles and entire wars have been determined by the quality of leadership at the top. World War 2 was no exception, with many important campaigns derailed by poor generalship. In this modern era defined by new … Read more

9 Famous Swords in History

ten famous swords that changed history

Swords have fascinated humanity for millennia, both as fearsome weapons of war and storied artifacts of legendary figures. As one of the earliest blades developed specifically for combat around 5,000 years ago, the sword became a symbol of power, skill and chivalry wherever armor and cavalry clashed from antiquity through the early modern period. By … Read more

The Most Popular Weapons Used in World War 1

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Known for its reliability even under harsh conditions, the Lee Enfield MK III proved a trusty companion for British and Commonwealth troops. Carrying 10 rounds of potent .303 ammunition, it couldaccurately engage targets out to an impressive 2,000 yards. With a high rate of fire for a bolt-action, one well-trained Tommy could get off around … Read more

Nationalism as a Cause of World War 1

nationalism as a cause of world war 1

As the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I approaches, historians and scholars continue to dissect the complex web of political, economic, and social factors that led the major powers of Europe to engage in a conflict of unprecedented scale and destruction. While militarism, imperialism, and an entangling system of alliances each played … Read more

Militarism as a Cause of Word War 1

militarism as a cause of word war 1

World War I was one of the deadliest conflicts in modern history, with over 37 million military and civilian casualties across Europe and beyond. Since the war ended in 1918, historians and scholars have endeavored to comprehend what exactly precipitated this catastrophic global tragedy. Through meticulous research and analysis of events leading up to 1914, … Read more

The 7 Best Samurai Weapons in History

best samurai weapons in history

From the glittering steel of the katana to the elegantly crafted yumi longbow, the weapons of the samurai warriors of feudal Japan have captured the imagination of the world for centuries. A simple Google search of the term “samurai weapons” returns over 25 million results, demonstrating the global fascination with these arms and the martial … Read more