10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

Egyptians built many pyramids

Lost secrets and intriguing details of one of humanity’s earliest civilizations have long captured our collective imagination. As one of the most advanced societies of the ancient world, ancient Egypt left behind architectural and cultural achievements that still astound us today. However, beyond the gleaming pyramids and elaborate tombs lay a richness of everyday life … Read more

Georgie: Vindolanda’s Murder Mystery (c. mid 3rd CE)

roman writing tablet

Vindolanda is a Roman fort located a short distance from Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. Unlike the nearby fort of Housesteads, which is situated on the wall itself, the task of those stationed at Vindolanda was primarily to protect a major road, the Stanegate, which connected two large Roman towns: Corbridge in the east and … Read more

Women with Athenian Citizenship


Most of our sources from the Classical period (500 – 323 BCE) come from Athens, a city-state (polis) in the region of Attica in present-day Greece. Greece as we know it today did not exist in the ancient world, and the region was made up of a number of city-states, e.g. Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, etc. … Read more

What Are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

seven wonders ancient world

For millennia, travelers, scholars, and laypeople alike have been transfixed by the seven monolithic structures collectively dubbed the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” Spanning from Egypt to Greece to the great civilizations of Mesopotamia, these architectural and engineering feats represented the pinnacle of technical achievement in the ancient era. Written about in awe by … Read more

8 Most Popular Japanese Mythical Creatures

most popular japanese mythical creatures

The rich lore of Japanese mythology is filled with colorful and fantastical creatures both beautiful and perilous. For centuries, the Japanese people have told tales of dragons, fox spirits, water demons and more to explain the natural world around them and explore deeper philosophical questions. These mythical beings played an integral role in Shinto and … Read more

10 Famous Artists and Painters from The Renaissance 

10 famous renaissance artists

The Renaissance period between the 14th to 17th centuries marked a rebirth of cultural and intellectual heritage in Europe. It was a golden age that saw unprecedented innovations and developments across multiple domains including art, philosophy, science and literature. Some of the most gifted and prolific artists in history thrived during this transformational epoch, setting … Read more

9 Ancient Torture Devices and Horrible Ways to Die

ancient torture devices

Throughout human history, acts of cruelty against our fellow man have been all too common. While modern civilized society has come to reject such barbarism, studying the brutal devices and methods used in ancient times serves as an sobering reminder of how inhumanity can manifest when rule of law and basic compassion are absent. For … Read more

9 Lost Civilizations from Ancient History

When we think of lost civilizations, images come to mind of mysterious ruins half-covered in jungle or remnants of a once-great metropolis crumbling under desert sands. These forgotten places hide stories of enormous trials, triumphs and the resilient human spirit against the steady march of time. By studying lost cultures, we gain an unparalleled lens … Read more

10 Famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

famous ancient egyptian pharaohs

The ancient civilization of Egypt survives today through the monumental works and achievements of its formidable leaders – the Pharaohs. For centuries, these divinely ordained kings ruled along the life-giving Nile River, establishing formidable empires and architectural marvels that stand as testament to their brilliance and power. From unification of the upper and lower kingdoms … Read more