Top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers

ancient greek philosophers

While modern philosophers may face criticism and debates regarding their ideas, the early thinkers of Ancient Greece endured challenges far beyond what most could imagine today. From sacrificing relationships and livelihoods, to risking imprisonment or death, the fathers of Western philosophy braved immense adversity in their relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Their devotion to … Read more

10 Important Religious Practices in Ancient Rome

top 10 religion practices ancient rome

The rich religious traditions of Ancient Rome played a central role in everyday life and shaped much of Roman culture and society. With a vast pantheon of powerful gods and intricate rituals, religion was deeply interwoven into all aspects of life. However, for modern audiences, the religious beliefs and practices of the Romans over 2000 … Read more

10 Famous People In Ancient Rome

famous people ancient rome

The ancient city of Rome has captured people’s imagination for centuries with its tales of war, power struggles, debauchery and dramatic downfalls of some of the most influential figures in history. From its very beginnings under the mythological twins Romulus and Remus, to its rise as the seat of a massive empire under legendary rulers … Read more

Top 10 Ancient Chinese Inventions

List of Chinese inventions

China has a cultural heritage that has flourished for millennia, leaving an immense legacy on global civilization. From ancient dynasties like the Han and Song that consolidated control over vast regions, to current economic powerhouse status, Chinese innovation has transformed lives around the world in ways still visible today. Few realize the depth and breadth … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

Egyptians built many pyramids

Lost secrets and intriguing details of one of humanity’s earliest civilizations have long captured our collective imagination. As one of the most advanced societies of the ancient world, ancient Egypt left behind architectural and cultural achievements that still astound us today. However, beyond the gleaming pyramids and elaborate tombs lay a richness of everyday life … Read more

Top 10 Ancient Roman Architectures


The Romans were known to be fierce warriors who exponentially grew their empire through relentless military campaigns over centuries. Much of their identity centered around valor in battle against formidable enemies such as the Carthaginians. Generals and emperors who triumphed over rivals were greatly honored, with parades and structures raised in their names. Roman architects … Read more

Georgie: Vindolanda’s Murder Mystery (c. mid 3rd CE)

roman writing tablet

Vindolanda is a Roman fort located a short distance from Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. Unlike the nearby fort of Housesteads, which is situated on the wall itself, the task of those stationed at Vindolanda was primarily to protect a major road, the Stanegate, which connected two large Roman towns: Corbridge in the east and … Read more

Hypatia of Alexandria, c.350-370 – 415 CE


The Polymath Philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, teacher, political advisor, and writer. The daughter of well-known mathematician Theon of Alexandria and an unknown mother, Hypatia was born in Alexandria, Egypt sometime between 350 and 370 CE. Alexandria was then part of the Roman Empire and was the third largest city in … Read more

Locusta, Roman Assassin (Unknown – 69 CE)


Poison and Imperial Intrigue Many centuries before the likes of Charlotte Corday, Shi Jianqiao and Mata Hari stalked their victims, a female assassin struck terror into the hearts of the wealthy and powerful citizens of Imperial Rome.  Locusta was an assassin specialising in poison who thrived during the reign of the Emperor Nero (54-68 CE) and was … Read more

Cynisca of Sparta (c. 440 BCE – ?)

cynisca of sparta

Sparta’s Charioteer Champion Today, women in sport are campaigning to ensure that they have equal pay and access to the same training and facilities as their male counterparts. Unfortunately, women across the world are fighting for their place in sport. For years professional sport has suffered from culturally and institutionally ingrained sexism which excludes women. … Read more